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Cffl Hermon YFC Bonfire and Fireworks Night

Start Date: 6 November 2023
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Price: Adults £5, Child Free

Experience the spectacle of Hermon YFC Bonfire and Fireworks this year at Midway Motors. This annual extravaganza is perfect for families and individuals looking to bask in the glow of a traditional bonfire and marvel at a sky full of fireworks.

What’s on Offer:

Traditional Bonfire: Feel the warmth and comfort of Hermon YFC’s grand bonfire, which captures the very spirit of the season.

Awe-inspiring Fireworks: Be spellbound by Hermon YFC’s Fireworks, a visual extravaganza that lights up the night sky, pleasing spectators young and old.

Delicious Food and Beverages: Savour the taste of the season with an array of mouth-watering food and drinks, exclusively catered by Hermon YFC.

Community and Spirit: What sets the Hermon YFC event apart is not just the bonfire or the fireworks, but the heartwarming sense of community that surrounds it. It’s more than a spectacle; it’s a gathering of neighbours and friends.


Families can attend this event safe in the knowledge that their safety is of top priority. All necessary precautions will be in place to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all attendees.


Important Reminders:

Don’t miss out on this dazzling Bonfire and Fireworks night! To make sure you remember, click the ‘Add to Calendar’ button at the top of this page. Interested in more firework displays in the region? Feel free to explore our list of firework events in West Wales for more sparkling opportunities to light up your evenings.

Whether you’re a regular attendee or it’s your first time, the Hermon YFC Bonfire and Fireworks event at Midway Motors promises an evening full of awe, flavour, and communal warmth.


At a Glance

Outdoor Event
OK for all ages
Refreshments Available

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