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Start Date: 5 November 2023
End Date: 5 November 2023
Start Time: 4:30 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm
Extra Times Info:

Gates open from 5.30pm

Price: No prices for 2023 have been advertised, but 2022 tickets were Adults £4, Children £2

As the nights draw in and a chill hangs in the air, the St Florence Bonfire and Fireworks Display beckons the community for an enchanting evening. Gather round the crackling bonfire and watch as the sky above bursts into a dance of colour and light. This cherished annual event promises to wrap you in the warmth of community spirit and the thrill of a first-class fireworks show. It’s a time-honoured tradition that sparks joy and togetherness, lighting up the night with every shimmering display.


Set against the night sky, St Florence Fireworks Display is the local must-attend event, promising an array of fairground attractions to delight all ages. From the thrills of the rides to the spills of the games, there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained. As the stars twinkle above, you’ll be mesmerised by the dazzling display of pyrotechnics, carefully choreographed to light up the sky in bursts of awe-inspiring colour.


Feeling peckish? A variety of refreshments will be on hand to tickle your taste buds. Whether it’s a steaming cup of hot cocoa to ward off the evening chill, or a hearty snack to fuel your firework-watching, you won’t go hungry. Remember, this is a cash-only affair, so be sure to stop by the ATM on your way over.


And it’s not just about the sparkle and spectacle; it’s a night with a cause. All proceeds from the event will be donated to St Florence School, supporting local education and children in the community. So not only will you be creating memories, but you’ll also be contributing to a worthy cause.


Now, safety first – while sparklers are a bonfire night staple, they will be taking a backseat at this event. For the safety of all attending, please leave sparklers at home and enjoy the professional display.


Don’t let the night just be a fleeting moment in the autumn calendar; make sure to save the date by hitting the ‘Add to Calendar’ button at the top of the page. This will ensure that St Florence Fireworks Display is inked into your schedule.


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As the night draws near, the St Florence Fireworks Display beckons – a beacon of joy, a crackling canvas of colour, and an evening where the community comes together in celebration. So, wrap up warm, grab your loved ones, and step into a night where the sky tells stories in showers of light.

At a Glance

Outdoor Event
OK for all ages
Refreshments Available
Cash Only

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