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Top 20 Summer Inspired Girls and Boys Names

A new bundle of joy will brighten your day no matter the season, but if you’re a lover of bright blues skies, sunny flower carpeted meadows and dipping your toes in cool blue seas then maybe you fancy naming your new baby with a Summer Inspired name?

When you think Summer you think relaxing, warm breezes and late evening strolls along the beach so you’re pregnant this summer or welcoming a summer baby, if you’re looking to pay tribute to the time of year, here is a handy list of summer inspired baby girl and boy names that are right on-trend.


Here are our top 20 picks for Girls and Boys Names that are glowing right now:


  1. Summer
  2. Ebe
  3. June
  4. Nereida
  5. Dahlia
  6. Marigold
  7. Lily
  8. Marisol
  9. Petunia
  10. Sunniva
  11. Sunshine
  12. Iliana
  13. Thea
  14. Marina
  15. Florence
  16. Idalia
  17. Lavendula
  18. Peach
  19. Solange
  20. Zinnia



  1. Dylan
  2. Lake
  3. August
  4. Bay
  5. Beach
  6. Sorley
  7. Ocean
  8. Dax
  9. Pacifico
  10. Hadrian
  11. Halcyon
  12. Ray
  13. Raiden
  14. Sol
  15. Blaise
  16. Nikko
  17. Lucas
  18. Ravi
  19. Sampson
  20. Elio






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