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Tesco, Morrisons and McDonald’s Give Away Free Carrots for Santa’s Reindeer’s

With just a few days until Christmas Day its time to pick up those essentials in time for Christmas Eve and that includes the all important Reindeer Snacks and this year Tesco, Morrisons and McDonalds are all Giving Away Carrots for Free so the kids can leave them out for Santa’s Reindeers


For the second year in a row, just for Christmas Eve, all McDonalds in the UK are handing out Free Bags of Reindeer Treats, so everyone can be #ReindeerReady

Tradition see us leave Santa some mince pies or cookies and a drink so he can keep his energy levels up on his journey on Christmas Eve as he is delivering presents.

We shouldn’t forget that Santa’s reindeers need food too and to make sure they can guide his sleigh this Christmas Eve and so we don’t forget, McDonald’s are giving out free bags of baby carrots aka reindeer treats. Simply pop into your local branch and ask for your free bag of reindeer treats.

Free Carrots for Rudolph in mc donalds



Tesco are also getting in the Christmas spirit this year by offering free carrots for Rudolph that you can pick up in time for Christmas Eve, some stores have stacked crates full of carrots and your able to help yourself, so to make sure he doesn’t go hungry while helping Santa with his deliveries

Free Carrots for Rudolph in Tesco



Morrisons have gone all out and produced a special bag for you to put your ‘Magic Carrots’ in for Rudolph

These “magic” carrots are all from Morrison’s wonky veg range. The wonky veg range are veg that are not perfect in how they look but are no less delicious or nutritious as a result of their shape.

The funny shape of these carrots won’t put Santa’s Reindeers of eating them and morrisons are also keen to highlight how tasty these wonky carrots.

These magic carrots will be available to pick up from the entrances of all 493 Morrisons stores across the UK on Saturday 21st December 2019.

Free Carrots for Rudolph in Morrisons

Morrisons also have one more festive giveaway which is “Christmas Oranges for Stockings” customers will be given one orange per child for their stockings on Sunday 22nd December.

Oranges will be handed out to parents along with a story-card telling the history of the tradition – letting mums and dads read it to their children ahead of the big day.



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