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REVIEW: Cheeky Monsters

The Cheeky Monsters are a brand-new series of storybooks and soft cuddly toys for pre-schoolers that can add some curiosity, creativity and adventure to your little one’s day and we have been checking them out to see what they are all about.

Just imagine what the Cheeky monster inside you would look like….. fluffy, cuddly and cheesecake eating trouble instantly springs to our mind. But like any parent when you think of your child’s inner cheeky monster you will see a completely different cheeky monster in each of them, as we are all different.

And that’s exactly what these colourful cheeky monsters are all about, each with their own personalities and vibrant colours they have been created by a mum with every adventure the monsters take you on being inspired by real life with her family.

We have recently been gifted some of these new Cheeky Monsters in return for sharing our honest thoughts with our readers, so read on to see if our kids loved them as much as the grown up


Who’s Your Favourite Cheeky Monster?

There are five Cheeky Monsters and each of them have their very own distinct personality, colour, hobbies and horns. Our kid testers have had the chance to review three of these monsters and they were: –

Cheeky Monster Violet

Violet is the Superstar Leader of all the Cheeky Monsters; she is a bright purple colour and has the cutest sparkly tutu and wand. A lover of dancing and singing she can bring adventure to any day with a simple wave of her wand, with only imagination limiting what she can get up to. Violet is a confident and friendly little monster that is not a fan of grumpy monsters.

Cheeky Monster Violet

Cheeky Monster Spike

Spike is a shy expert explorer; he is a super bright orange cheerful Cheeky Monster. Spike is a chatty little daydreamer who has a real passion for exploring and keeping our Earth green. Spike is the calm chilled out Cheeky Monster who is always happy to do a litter pick with the other Cheeky Monsters as he is not a fan of litter bugs.

Cheeky Monster Spike

Cheeky Monster Glitter

Glitter is a Clumsy Creative Disco Dancer. He is a glittery light blue Cheeky Monster who has a flair for fashion and ability to make a day sparkle. Glitter is a happy Cheeky Monster who will always bring a smile to your face, as well as help you make some cool crafts with lots of shine and glitter of course!

Cheeky Monster Glitter

The other two Cheeky Monsters from the series include:

Cheeky Monster Rocky

Rocky is a rebellious Road Racer. He is a bright blue Cheeky Monster who really does not like being bored. Rocky races around and will fill your day with fun, he is a big sports lover and by far the most mischievous of all the Cheeky Monsters.

Cheeky Monster Drago

Drago is the always positive clever super scientist. She is a spectacle wearing bright green Cheeky Monster who loves learning, discovering new things and doing silly experiments. Drago will for sure teach your something new on your adventure and she is the Lucky Dragon of the Cheeky Monsters.

All Monsters

With all the different personalities of these Cheeky Monsters the kids will definitely get a good giggle at the silly mischief they get up to as well learn new things along the way.


Epic Cuddles and Read

The collectible cuddly toys are really good quality, you can tell they have been well made. Lovely and bright they are soft and very cuddly.

Cheeky Monsters Toys


Each toy has their own story book with a storyline that spotlights that monster’s character. The books feature a girl called Frankie who has been inspired by the creator of Cheeky Monsters own daughter and the storyline captures the imagination of children as they play with their toys.

Cheeky Monster Books

Each Monsters storybook has themes that are based on key learnings. The use each monster’s personality and passions to tell the story, for example Spike the Expert Explorer follows him and his friends picking up litter as well as exploring all the bugs and plants. At the end of each book, it leaves readers with ideas of extra activity relevant to that monster that kids can enjoy so with Spike he explains how to build a bug hotel and Glitter encourages kids to get creative and design a costume.

Cheekly Monster Books Open


Monster Games and Activities

All these storybooks and cuddly toys are also supported by a fantastic website and YouTube channel. With all the Cheeky Monster themes carrying on online you can visit the Cheeky Monsters Website and download loads of colouring sheets, and info sheets on how to make things, for example you can: –

  • Make Glitter Play Dough with Glitter
  • Make a Bird Feeder with Spike
  • Make a wand with Violet
  • Make a Rocket with Drago
  • Decorate biscuits with Rocky

There is also a Cheeky Monsters YouTube Channel that has lots of fun activities for children to get involved with such as building a racing car with Rocky or taking part in a science balloon experiment with Drago. As well plenty of learning video on there for kids to watch teaching them things like colours, counting and how to wash your hands, as well as just fun interactive videos that kids can enjoy dancing and singing along with.


Where to Get your Very Own Cheeky Monster From

Currently you can only order your little one a Cheeky Monster direct from the Cheeky Monster Website, the books are £6.99, The Cuddly Monster Toys are £14.99 or you can buy them together as a Reading Book and Toy Set for £21.98


Would we Recommend a Cheeky Monster for your Child?

We are obsessed with these little cuties. From a parent point of view the idea behind creating all these very different bright pretty Cheeky Monsters and then use those different personalities to deliver a learning experience in such a child friendly way is an awesome one. Seeing the kids engage with play that also incorporates their monsters’ personalities was just brilliant to see. The children keep asking new questions about their monsters likes and dislikes, especially Spike as his love for looking after the environment and learning about wildlife was a very close interest to the child, we pair that monster with.

The kids completely fell in love with their Cheeky Monsters from the get go, the toys have been dragged everywhere with them and whilst a bit dirty now they are still very robust and able to take on plenty more playtimes.

Violet’s toy has a detachable wand which has been very useful during play to magic up some fun things and Glitter has some very cool pockets, they can hold his hands in which is very funny to see, but also they are very handy for storing lots and lots of important and secret things in.

Cheeky Monster Pocket

All the children did enjoy the storybooks but were taken more with the YouTube Channel. In fact all the grown ups were very impressed with the YouTube channel and supporting downloadable activities and we really hope that this content that will keep growing and we would love to see more storybooks come out for each Cheeky Monster as its a good add on gift for birthdays and Christmas.

So, without any hesitation we would highly recommend that families check out these new Cheeky Monsters as the perfect treat for their own little Cheeky Monsters!



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