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REVIEW: The Wonderful World Was Waiting

Following on from the successful 2020 children’s book The Year we Muddled Through is the latest bookshelf keepsake from Lauren Fennemore, titled The Wonderful World was Waiting which is now on sale for families to enjoy reading with the kids.

Following the bizarre events of 2020, it can be easy to forget all the simplest of things that used to bring families across the country joy. But this second book from author Lauren Fennemore offers readers a little reminder of the wonderful things we have to look forward to as the world slowly opens up again and we were recently sent a copy of The Wonderful World was Waiting to read with the kids in return for sharing our honest thoughts with you.


The Storyline of The Wonderful World Was Waiting

The Wonderful World was Waiting tells the real-life story of all the things we are dreaming of missing and waiting to experience as we countdown our time waiting for the world to return to normal after the lockdowns of 2020.

As a family read together book it uses rhyming to remind us of all of the fun things we can once again do as a family from visiting all the animals at the zoo, to picnics, beach trips and visits to the swimming pool, before the touching end of that moment we are longing for the most the hugs and cuddles with family and friends.


The Illustrations in The Wonderful World Was Waiting

Both The Year we Muddled Through and The Wonderful World was Waiting are illustrated by Zoe Damoulakis. Bristol based Zoe studied Illustration at University of Plymouth and has worked in the greetings card industry for several years before illustrating for her first children book, this The Year we Muddled Through.

Just like in The Year we Muddled Through the illustrations do an amazing job at painting this uplifting storyline by using colourful pretty images that the kids loved. The kids especially enjoy the scene at the zoo with all the cute animals.


As well as the beach scene mainly because they too love to dig crazy deep holes so brought back some good memories.


They also really loved the image of the birthday party as we have missed so many over the last year

Birthday Party


About the Author of The Wonderful World was Waiting

The Wonderful World was Waiting is written by Lauren Fennemore who has a passion for storytelling and rhyme and has worked for many years in communications and as a freelance writer.

During all the chaos of 2020 Lauren found herself out of work and heavily pregnant, and to our joy inspired to put her love for words into writing children’s books, with her first being The Year we Muddled Through and now followed by this The Wonderful World was Waiting.


Would we Recommend The Wonderful World Was Waiting for your Child?

On opening the first page to The Wonderful World was Waiting book you will read “For the brave who had no choice but to work; for the courageous who had no choice but to stop; and for the lionhearted who were kept apart from loved ones for longer than they ever thought possible” and just like that your mindset skips into a different space, which totally continues with each page you turn and read together.

Just like the first we just loved this pretty children’s book, as it does such a wonderful job at capturing all the weirdness and mindset of all our families as we come out of the crazy happenings of 2020 and move through 2021.

We would definitely recommend this book for families to read, just like Lauren’s previous book The Year we Muddled Through we will be treasuring this bookshelf beauty over the years as the kids get older, as we think it’s a wonderful little keepsake to such a bizarre couple of years and can’t help but suggest this as a superb gifting idea for any babies born in 2020 or 2021 as a different type of keepsake.

If you want to check this unique book out you can get your hands on it from Waterstones here


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