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REVIEW: The Year we Muddled Through

Looking for a read aloud story to remember? The new children’s book The Year we Muddled Through from Lauren Fennemore is offering families a bedtime fav as well as a doubling as a bookshelf keepsake.

2020 was a weird one for everyone worldwide and too often all we could be reminded of was all the negatives, so in a refreshing twist Lauren has penned a kiddies book that pushes focus into the opposite direction and we were recently sent a copy of The Year we Muddled Through from Owlet Press to read with the kids in return for sharing our honest thoughts with you.


The Storyline of The Year We Muddled Through

The Year we Muddled Through basically tells the real-life story of what lockdown was like in 2020, whilst focusing on magical rainbows you could see everywhere, dancing animals running wild in the quiet streets and overgrown nature stretching tall into the skies.

As a family read together book it interestingly tells one story but actually provides two. This is because by using rhymes it tells the children of all the funny times all different types of animals that took advantage of the quiet streets to dance and have fun running around and how magical all the untouched nature can be to see and how the simplest actions of people touched the hearts of so many. All this the same time as taking us adults on a journey capturing all the bizarre happenings around the world that if we were told just months before would happen, we just wouldn’t have believe it!


The Illustrations in The Year We Muddled Through

The Year we Muddled Through is illustrated by Zoe Damoulakis. Bristol based Zoe studied Illustration at University of Plymouth and has worked in the greetings card industry for several years before illustrating for her first children book, this The Year we Muddled Through.

The illustrations do an epic job at painting this positive, uplifting tale all bright and whimsical the kids loved all the pictures, but by far some of their favs were the cute little jumpers and scarfs the sheep wore as they escaped the farmer’s pen.

Animals wandering

Also, they just loved all the rainbows flying from houses into the skies it really did remind them of us walking around seeing rainbows in everyone’s windows

Rainbows coming out of houses

But their most fav was the picture of the rainbow as a slide, as they just wished they could have a slide like this in their bedroom!

Rainbow Slide


About the Author of The Year We Muddled Through

The Year we Muddled Through is written by Lauren Fennemore who has a passion for storytelling and rhyme and has worked for many years in communications and as a freelance writer.

But it was during the chaos of 2020 when Lauren found herself out of work and heavily pregnant, that she got inspired to put her love for words into writing children’s books.


Would we Recommend The Year We Muddled Through for your Child?

On opening the first page to The Year we Muddled Through book you will read “For all the families, big and small, who muddled through 2020. Always look for rainbows” and just like that your mindset flips into a different space, which totally continues with each page you turn and read together.

We just loved this pretty children’s book, maybe added bonus in that it arrived when we all needed to be reminded of the positives in life. But timing aside the author has done a wonderful job to capture all the weirdness and changes that happened through out the year.

And very aped is the title the year we muddled through as we most definitely felt this, so from the get-go you can’t help but relate to every word.

We would totally recommend this book for families to read and we can’t help but feel that this is a book that we will treasure over the years as the kids get older, as a little keepsake of such a bizarre year and for that exact reason we too can see how this would make a superb gifting idea for any babies born in 2020 as a different type of keepsake.

If you want to check this unique book out you can get your hands on it from Waterstones here


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