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First Tool Lending Library is Opening in Carmarthenshire

Stronger Together is a project Managed by the CBSA and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund through Helping Working Families Programme and they are opening the first tool lending library to help make DIY and repair more affordable for eligible working families throughout Carmarthenshire.

In Llanelli the CBSA (Centre for Building Social Action) regularly organise exciting projects that have a positive impact on local communities and this is again what they are hoping will be the outcome of this new project Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed.

CBSA spent a year working with local families to come up with this idea of a tool lending library as a way to help working families make their money go further.

Vanessa Bolton, Project Co-Ordinator said “Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed is unique in Carmarthenshire, and will be an invaluable support for local families who need help to improve their homes and develop their craft and DIY skills but lack the money to do so. We will be holding tool drives and looking for donations of any tools that are in a good, clean and safe condition, and in return we promise they will be well cared for and used by families in local communities.

We are also looking for volunteers who may be interested in helping us show how to use tools, build and repair furniture, as well as with general admin and workshops. ”


What Exactly is a Tool Lending Library?

Similar, to your local library that lets you borrow books to read, this tool lending library will be letting you borrow their tools, such as saws, hammers or screwdrives.

Families will need to pay an annual membership fee of £25 to join Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed, although there will be a six month and a gift option available too. This will allow them to borrow tools and this library is specifically aimed at working families with little or no disposable income so that they can carry out home repairs and upcycling, without the worry of the expense of buying new tools.

Families that will be eligible to join will have to be on a low disposable income and that at least one member of the household is in work, and that can be full or part time and you will need to sign a statement on our membership form to confirm this.

Additionally, to this Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed will also be providing workshops on DIY and upcycling to help give families the knowledge they need to know how to use the tools safely and the skills they will need to easily repair and create things.

These diy and upcycling workshops will have a small charge of approx. £5 per session to cover the cost of materials.


What Locations in Carmarthenshire

The tool library will operate an online library booking system, and members can join online or in person at Llanelli.

Once you pay your membership fee there will be no further charges for lending tools, although there may be a charge if you are looking to have things such as screws and hardware.

Y Sied Offer/The Tool Shed is for families across Carmarthenshire. There will be four hubs where the CBSA will travel in a van to deliver and collect tools that have to be booked online first. The hubs will be in Carmarthen, Llanelli, Llandovery and Newcastle Emlyn, for exact locations you should call the number below.


LATEST NEWS The First Tool Lending Library is Opening in Carmarthenshire 2


The Tool Shed Open Day

At the minute the Tool Shed are not accepting members, as they are still preparing to open and build up their tools in stock, however they will be accepting membership at their planned open day in Llanelli.

Y Sied Offer/ The Tool Shed will be holding an open day at the Lord Arthur Rank Centre, Trostre, Llanelli on Saturday 15th February as a way to give everyone a chance to have a look at the facilities, get further details on joining the scheme, as well as take part in family friendly fun workshops throughout the day.

For the full info about this Open Day you can see the event listed on our What’s On Page Here

If you wish to join as a membership at the Open Day there will be forms and information available so you can do so and you will need to make sure you bring along some ID and proof of address which has to be no older than 3 months, something such as a bank statement or utility bill would be perfect.


Can you Help?

If you are in a position that you can donate any tools, or if you would like to volunteer and help with the project then CBSA would love to hear from you and you can contact Vanessa or Helen on 01554 779910, or email [email protected]




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